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Indoor LED Wall Panels by Tecnogroup LED

Why should you consider Outdoor LED Screens video displays for your business?


Create unparalleled experiences at events, clubs, stages and retail stores.


Increase the attention span of passers-by and visitors to your store with LED screens.


Deliver information to a large number of people at a single glance.


Control the content of your LED video wall from anywhere in the world.

What's the difference between LED modules & panels?

led screen panels

LED Modules

Indoor use only (not weather proof).

Great resolution & brightness for indoor installation.

Optimal for custom sized/shaped projects.

Usually come in small formats.

Can be rigid or soft & bendable (for curved wall installations).

The perfect choice for architectural/interior design.


LED Panels

Available for both indoor & outdoor use.

Great resolution & brightness even when outdoors.

Outdoor options are 100% weatherproof.

Two versions available: fixed (for permanent frame installations) & rental (Temporary installation - removable panels).

Panels are rigid and vary in sizes.

Optimal for medium to large projects.

Perfect choice for concert venues, sports scoreboards, outdoor signage & more..

Enhance your customer experience

If you're looking for something innovative and unique for your office, storefront or venue, why not consider introducing LED screen panels?

Installing an indoor LED screen is not only more affordable than you think but it offers many benefits; not only will these vibrant screens instantly transform your environment but they also enable more creative ways to present marketing content that can't be achieved with other conventional display methods.

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These Indoor LED screens are rapidly becoming a staple of modern business settings. Your company can use them to share detailed messages, announcements, important updates and special offers with your customers in an eye-catching and convenient way.

Indoor LED screens can be instrumental in boosting product sales by inspiring customers with visually stimulating campaigns and influencing the sale.

Our LED products offer increased visibility of campaigns and services which lead to more effective customer engagement and improved brand awareness & recognition, which can bring significant contributions to the growth and success of your business!

Choose your pitch size

Leyard 1.8 mm pitch indoor led screen by Tecnogroup LED

1.8 mm pitch module

This indoor LED panel has an ultra thin and ultra light design, integrated with high technology for optimal operation. Mainly used for retail, television studios, conference rooms & more.

2 mm pitch module

  • LED panel -> 320mm x 160mm
  • For models MSG 480, MSG 640 y MSG KIT
  • Panel Resolution: 160x80px
  • Refresh Rate: 3840Hz
  • Brightness: 450 Nits

2.5 mm pitch module

  • LED panel -> 320mm x 160mm
  • For models MSG 480, MSG 640 y MSG KIT
  • Panel Resolution: 128x64px
  • Refresh Rate: 3840Hz
  • Brightness: 600 Nits

3 mm pitch module

  • LED panel -> 320mm x 160mm
  • For models MSG 480, MSG 640 y MSG KIT
  • Panel Resolution: 104x52px
  • Refresh Rate: 1920Hz
  • Brightness: 4000 Nits

3.91 mm pitch panel

  • Size -> 500mm x 1000mm
  • Aluminum frame for rental.
  • Panel Resolution: 128x256px
  • Refresh Rate: 3840Hz
  • Brightness: 1000 Nits

4 mm pitch module

  • LED panel -> 320mm x 160mm
  • For models MSG 480, MSG 640 y MSG KIT
  • Panel Resolution: 80x40px
  • Refresh Rate: 1920Hz
  • Brightness: 4500 Nits
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