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We are experts in digital technology, giant and modular LED screens for advertising, events, retail and more.

At Tecnogroup we are installation and sales market leaders of indoor and outdoor LED Screens for advertising, shopping centers, event producers, construction companies and much more.

Our clients trust us since we accompany them throughout each & every single step of the process: from the technical survey, installation, personnel training and finally the follow-up that we carry out through all our projects; providing long term support.

Product Categories

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Indoor LED Screens

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Outdoor LED Screens

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Creative LED Screens

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Control Systems

Use cases for LED screen panels

miami led video wall | retail
Retail & store planning

We build unique & interactive customer shopping experiences.

Miami LED Screens
Event Production

Elevate your Event experience with an LED system!

architectural LED video wall

Let's give that boring facade a makeover using a custom LED wall installation!

music concert led video wall

Enhance your live entertainment experiences with LED technology. The only limit is your imagination!

virtual studios LED video wall panels
Video Broadcasting & Cinematography

Virtual studios, TV sets, stage productions. Used for filming music videos, video commercials, movies

trade show video wall led panel
Trade shows

Create a BIG impression in your next trade show. Let's create a custom experience for you!

video wall panels led education

Improve student experiences, whether in the classroom or through your campus.

scoreboard led video panels
Sports & recreation

Sports facilities such as stadiums and arenas, sports fields, gyms use LED screens to display scores, player stats, and replays for the audience.

Financial Tickers

Financial tickers are an essential component for keeping up with the stock market's quick developments.

LED Video Wall

Airports and transportation hubs. With the use of custom LED Wall technology we create settings that are immersive, effective, and efficient towards patrons.

Healthcare LED Screens

Hospitals and medical facilities use LED screens to display important information such as patient schedules and health alerts, in-house communication.

Hospitality LED Screens

LED screens used to display menus, promotions, news and entertainment.

LED Screens for corporate office
Corporate & Business

Businesses of all sizes require screens for presentations, meetings, and conferences.

LED Screens for Government Agencies
Government agencies

Government agencies use LED screens to display public service announcements and emergency alerts.

LED Screens for manufactring
Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing and industrial facilities may use LED screens for quality control and production monitoring.

LED Screens for museums
Museums & Galleries

LED displays can be used in museums and art galleries for digital art installations, exhibits, and informational displays.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of giant LED screens?

For every business entrepreneur having a business open to the public, a key factor to succeed is to draw attention away from competitors and thus attract the maximum number of customers. LED screens are currently one of the most efficient and impressive forms of advertising, by providing customers with a unique experiences in both small spaces or massive public events.

Strategically placed within your business space, these LED screens can provide a long-lasting impression due to their site and luminosity. They can perform various functions, whether providing product insights or promoting a new offer. At Tecno Group we offer LED screens for events and retail companies, easy to assemble for booth indoor & outdoor environments & with extended warranty.

What are the benefits of LED screens?

Advertising LED screens have had incredible demand in recent years. This is mainly due to the power that LED screens have to attract people's attention, and also, the versatility of their functions. They can be used for transactional advertising campaigns through digital signage, delivery of information, amongst many other uses.

Remote content control displayed on LED advertising screens is another benefit that helps companies manage and standardize said content from the parent company, being able to accurately segment by geographical area and by type of customer.

Another of the benefits provided by modular LED screens (indoor and outdoor) is the possibility of scaling the size of any giant LED screen install.

But, without a doubt, one of the main benefits that advertising LED panels is the ability to generate brand positioning in people by attracting their attention with unique messaging. It allows companies to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition by carving a privileged place in the minds of consumers, which will favor the company upon the decision making towards a purchase by consumers.

Indoor LED Screens VS Outdoor LED Screens: what's the difference?

One of the main differences between indoor and outdoor LED displays is the space between each LED diode. In outdoor screens this space is usually larger since these screens are usually seen from a greater distance and do not need the same pixel definition since you'll rarely look at them upclose. Indoor LED screens on the other hand present LED diodes closer together, which generates better viewing experience for people who are close to the screen, hence a higher resolution and viewing experience. Another difference is that usually outdoor LED screens are water & weather proof, making them more durable to the elements.

Where can LED screens be installed?

At Tecno Group we help you define the best place to install your LED screen based on its objective. If you are looking for an LED screen for advertising, it is probably best to install it in a different place than if you need it to display your products in a digital showcase. Every use case is unique. Know that LED screens can be installed anywhere: drywall, wood, concrete & more.

How are LED screens installed?

Unlike normal LED screens, modular or giant LED screens have certain processes that must be followed before installation. To start, you must have a support structure for each of the LED panels and you must have special tools according to each of the manufacturer's specifications. Once all of the LED screens are installed, it is necessary to configure the software to control the content remotely and also to install control systems or LED scalers which allow the correct display of image for the viewers.

At Tecno group we are not only dedicated to the sale of LED screens, but also to their correct installation, configuration and staff training towards your next LED project.

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